On-Time Delivery

As product launches become more frequent and agile development processes are used by more and more organizations, meeting every deadline becomes crucial. Venga is able to scale our resources and technology offerings to ensure fast translation and on-time delivery.

Beyond the technology listed on the Technology & Automation page, Venga offers additional ways of cutting total project duration, such as having reviewers start work before a translator completes a project, resulting in reduction of turnaround time by on average 25%. Deadlines are critical to your success and that is why Venga makes it a priority to meet them.

Scalability and Repeatability

The Venga team is committed to delivering on time and as expected, with impeccable quality, scalability and repeatability. We use translation and localization tools to effectively streamline the localization process, where we can add translators and reviewers to any process, and bring on technologies such as CMS integration and automated workflows to make the most of every hour available.

Fast Translation and Simultaneous Review

At Venga, we understand that wasting time is not an option, especially when your project is on a tight deadline. For our localization projects, our server-based computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and projects allow for reviewers to start before a translator finishes with a project. This way, linguists are working in parallel and we ensure time and cost effectiveness in every project we manage.

Web-Based Client Review

Venga uses technology to better handle the client review process, allowing clients to make changes directly to the files in review and to the terminology database. Thus, miscommunication or missing files are effectively prevented and the time continues to be used efficiently in our localization process.

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