What People are Saying About Venga

HireVue Testimonial

HireVue has worked with multiple generic and technology translation suppliers in the past and has encountered multiple quality issues due to the suppliers' lack of understanding and expertise in the type of content we produce. Since we appointed Venga Global, an HR translation specialist, we have experienced a sharp increase in quality that meets and exceeds our needs.

Their Project Managers and translators knowledge of our HR platform and content and the context in which it is published made a huge difference even with the most difficult languages. Their quality program, handling of our end clients, as well as close collaboration with our teams, have been a critical part of the success.


Genetec Testimonial

We are very pleased with Venga's services as well as their response time and quality of work. It has truly made our lives easier in terms of workflow and has helped us save time and effort in fielding translated content.



Our Venga rep not only makes sure she understands our requests, I think of her as my guardian angel. More than once she has caught something in one of our projects – and even in our copy – that was potentially a problem and alerted me immediately.  In terms of service, this is light years beyond our former translation house.



Venga meets our timelines, is extraordinarily flexible when it comes to changes (believe me, I throw plenty at them), and thoroughly reliable when it comes to implementing the changes.



Using the Venga translation integration with our Ingeniux Content Management System significantly reduced our content creation team’s workload and streamlined the process of translating a very large amount of content from English to French.


Mindjet (software localization into 10 languages)

Venga has helped Mindjet with large software localization projects, integrating the translation workflow into our Agile process. Their translation deliveries are always on time and project management is very efficient. From the client side, what really stands out is that Venga's team is very professional and easy to work with. Venga is a great and valuable business partner.


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