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4 Pain Points of Continuous Localization Projects (And How to Mitigate Them)

four pain points of continuous localization projects and how to mitigate them

A one-off translation project is one thing, but what if you need a website constantly updated or have an ongoing documentation project that has a multi-month run time? What are the procedures you should expect from a translation and localization partner in order to meet these ongoing needs? What are the best practices you should insist on? Here are some tips that I have found from my experience as an Account Manager.

Regular Meetings Are Key

When considering all the pending items on your to-do list, meetings can often feel like time not well spent. But if you have an ongoing project with your translation partner, you may want to insist on regular meetings. If you do not have much to talk about, great! Spend five minutes, and then you’re out of there. But if you do have new content or changes to pass along for translation, it’s a good idea to have a process in place that allows you to move forward without scheduling delays. With our ongoing translation projects, we usually have time set aside for a quick touch base once a week.  

Establish a Consistent Method for File Transfer

How you transfer files or assets to be translated back and forth is one major pain point in the process. There are a few different ways to handle it. The old-fashioned way would be to send via email or Dropbox. We have a number of clients who prefer this method. If you decide to go the same route, make sure you know how your files will be handled on the translation side. There should be a system in place to avoid any confusion or file mix-ups. You can find an example of how we ensure consistency at Venga here.

Another option is working with a portal. Venga works with a project management system that integrates all of our client and team member information into a custom workflow for each project. All data is maintained on our secure server; clients can easily access it 24/7 with their unique login credentials. Team members you chose have the ability to initiate new projects, see the progress of current projects, view past projects and assets, download source and translated files, check invoices and quotes, etc.

Don’t Use Too Many Vendors

The saying, “there are too many cooks in the kitchen”, can hold true when you are working on a translation or localization project. If possible, it is best to stick with one translation partner rather than sourcing the work out to many different vendors. Why? The main reasons are consistency and quality. Over time, your translation team gets to know your priorities, terminology, and other preferences as they work with you. As a result, the speed and quality of their translations will align better with your goals, cutting down on the number of editing runs, speeding up the process, and saving you money.

Select Your Internal Review Team Ahead of Time

When it comes to reviewing the translated assets, there is something you can do ahead of time to make sure you don’t run into a bottleneck. Experience shows that getting sign-off from your local offices can be a huge struggle. That’s why we recommend lining up your review team well in advance rather than waiting until the first batch of translated content comes in. While that may be easier said than done as the reviewers usually have multiple other responsibilities, you will enjoy superior quality and a quicker turnaround if you succeed.

If you struggle to find internal reviewers, Venga can help with its “Business Review” service. We’ll find a local reviewer who is experienced in both your industry and desired language to validate the content for you. However, we definitely encourage you to try and find people at your own company. It is always better to have the people who will be using the material directly carry out the review. To learn more about the process, check out our blog “Taking the Headache Out of Your Translation’s In-Country Review”.

We hope this post has been helpful to you. Here at Venga, we thoroughly enjoy working on continuous translation and localization projects as we get a deeper understanding of what makes our clients tick. They enable us to keep increasing our efficiency and quality to tailor fit our services to the client’s needs. If you are considering a translation or localization project, don’t hesitate to contact us here or request a free quote.

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