Simplify translation of your company’s website – regardless of whether or not you already have a CMS

WebToGlobal 8 steps to 3 steps

Venga introduces the future of website translation via our WebToGlobal technology that dramatically simplifies and streamlines the launching of websites for new overseas markets.

Keeping the structure of your original website intact, our cloud-based software can create accurate foreign language versions of your website in as little as a day. Best of all, as your subsequent content updates are automatically detected by the system before being sent out for translation, there’s no further need for messy and time-consuming manual file transfers.

With Venga WebToGlobal, you also have the:

Ability to launch a multi-language site without any IT hassles

  • No IT involvement or technology expertise required
  • Works with any CMS, whether or not you have currently have adopted one
  • Manages hosting of your international sites

Opportunity to preview translations on your website before its launch

  • Gives your teams 24/7 access when reviewing and editing translations
  • Increases quality control and accuracy

Advantage of saving hours of work

  • Automated workflow simplifies handling website content changes
  • Eliminates the need for back and forth file transfers

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