Software Translation & Localization

Creating a local user experience on a global scale

You worked hard to create the perfect software application for your clients, employees, or customers. So when you launch into international markets, don’t let a rushed translation distract from the strength of your software.

Venga has helped to launch hundreds of software applications into foreign markets. Our software translation services are of the highest quality in the industry, with hundreds of thousands of words translated per year.

Subject matter expert translators

We approach software translation as carefully as you approached the creation of your original UI content. Our translators around the globe are experts in a wide range of subject matters and we carefully vet them to ensure your software is translated with knowledge, precision, and care.

Adapted for your target markets

Localization takes into account local cultural preferences, legal requirements, and proper formats. The goal for Venga’s software translation services is to make the translated or localized application seem as if it was originally created for the new, target markets.

This means that we don’t just translate the text–we translate the entire user interface, from buttons and menus to error messages and installation files. And if your software comes with manuals or technical documentation, we can translate that alongside the software, so screenshots or references to software strings are also localized.

Our services can also include:

Internationalization: Venga can assess your code so that you launch your software with the global customers in mind. Our engineers utilize automated tools to analyze code strings for software internationalization compliance and identify and fix globalization issues, documenting them in a bug tracking system.

Localization Testing: Venga localization engineers and trained linguists will perform localization testing in order to determine the linguistic and functional use aspects of your localized software or website, thereby ensuring that it is ready for release. If appropriate, Venga will use different quality assurance tools to aid testing and can enter localization bugs directly into JIRA or whichever bug tracking system you use.