Internationalization Assessment

When you have several thousands or millions of lines of code, performing software internationalization assessment on how well your application performs in another language or locale and addressing software internationalization (i18n) issues can devour your developers’ valuable time.

How Can Venga Help with Internationalization Assessment?

Venga utilizes automated i18n assessment tools to analyze code for i18n bugs, such as non-localized date, time and number formatting or non-externalized strings. Venga will help you design and document your own i18n best practices, track bugs in your existing system (or ours) and correct any globalization issues either on-site or remotely. Our i18n experts will also assist you on creating a UI and overall user experience (UX) that is global-ready.

Automated i18n Problem Discovery

Manually analyzing lines and lines of code is extremely time-consuming. Our i18n experts will help you save time (and money) by using automated tools to identify and assess your code for software internationalization issues, such as number and date/time formatting, non-externalized strings or inefficient locale-related methods.

i18n Bug Tracking and Documentation

After analyzing for i18n issues, we track the problems found in the code either using our in-house JIRA or your existing bug tracking system, based on your preference. Keeping a record of identified bugs helps organizing the list of development issues found during the i18n process. We also document your i18n processes and best practices so that the whole effort can be referenced, leveraged and repeated across your future projects.

On-site and Remote Service

In addition to identifying i18n issues, Venga is also there to help you make the necessary changes in the code. Since every client is different, we offer you a choice of on-site and remote services in order to build a flexible and customizable collaboration to make and keep your software global-ready.

Design and UX Consultation

Making your software global-ready also means ensuring your application’s interface is localizable and user-friendly for your global customers. Our UX experts can provide advice and consultation on how to improve your software’s UI design and user experience to meet the needs and expectations of your users worldwide.

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