FoodTech Startup:
Great Global Messages. Delivered.

The Background

Established in 2013, this food delivery start-up revolutionized the way we eat. Growing rapidly globally, it topped Deloitte’s annual Fast 50 list of the fastest growing technology firm in 2017. In addition to the UK, the brand now operates in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. Like any fast-growing start-up, global expansion sparked an increasing need to scale up content marketing efforts. Leveraging a centralized approach, the brand creates its global marketing campaigns in-house, before adapting them for different markets.

The Challenge

Experiencing challenges in getting their messages adapted appropriately, the brand approached Venga Global for support when preparing a new global digital campaign. As befits a young, vibrant brand, the brand’s tone of voice is informal and frequently draws on associations with local trends and cultures. In preparing its global campaign, the brand’s objectives were to be more genuine and relatable and was determined to tailor messages that matched their key themes for each local market. The brand needed a transcreation specialist who fully grasped the real essence of its messages, and which employed creative talents who could actualize the brand’s global vision when considering content’s tone and approach.

The Solution

Venga understands that the key to success in this instance was to work closely with our extensive network of in-market creatives. Skilled in supporting global brands, and empowered by the insights needed to culturally tailor global ideas for specific markets.
Plan: We assembled a strong team of copywriters to get the brand’s tone of voice just right.
Adapt: We offered creative options to demonstrate the breadth of our thinking, adopting more local expressions to ensure each message was delivered as if it had been originally crafted in the local language in which it appeared.
Produce: We provided back-translated versions of adapted content that ensured the client’s global team fully understood any nuances in meaning we had used in local language versions. We reviewed all final version through to completion.

The Result

Excellent local market responses quickly provided the brand with compelling proof of our ability to deliver highly creative and culturally-relevant adaptations. All transcreations we worked on were completed from briefing to approval within just 10 days. The meaningful options we provided opened up the local teams’ minds as to how content should be creatively adapted and ultimately gave the brand’s local teams valuable directions for their consideration.

What They Say…

“All of the markets, on the whole, seem very happy. You are the best transcreation agency we have worked with.”

– Global Marketing Project Manager