Mindjet Software Translation:
3 Months to Translate a Major Software Application Into 10 Languages

The Background

In 2013, Mindjet, a San Francisco-based software leader with solution suites dedicated to streamlining collaboration and mind mapping, merged with Spigit, a leader in innovation and knowledge management. More than 3,000 companies and two million users globally used Spigit’s flagship product SpigitEngage.

The Challenge

With only three months before the next major release, Mindjet faced two critical tasks, each with a formidable set of challenges:

1. Process:

• Consolidating Mindjet’s and Spigit’s translation and localization efforts under one team while unifying localization into a new Agile process.

• Creating language assets (translation memory, language glossaries, etc.).

• Establishing repeatable deployment, testing, and quality control procedures to sustain regular simultaneous shipment (simship) for the complete suite of MindManager and SpigitEngage products.

2. Localization: 

• Onboarding internal and external product teams against the clock.

• Reviewing and improving the existing translation and localization of Spigit’s product.

• Producing a better-than-ever major release into 10 languages.

The Solution

In three short months, Venga tackled all the challenges by accomplishing six steps.

Mindjet translation - Six Steps

The six steps aligned the two localization teams, localized the product into 10 languages, and established an ongoing process for future releases.

All these steps happened rapidly, often overlapping as multiple people worked in parallel to pull off a dramatic shift in process even as the product was rushing toward global release. The beauty of the Agile localization process we proposed is that it made these rapid changes both possible in the short term and sustainable for the future.

The Result

In less than three months, Mindjet successfully accomplished the merging of two localization efforts, launched a major application into 10 languages, and established assets and quality control protocols.

The end results:

• Happy end clients due to on-time delivery and quality translation

• No surprises thanks to a smooth process and reliable release cycle

• Linguistic consistency due to language assets

• A happy internal engineering team

• Money and time savings

• The foundation for a successful and painless international expansion

What They Say…

“Venga has helped Mindjet with large software localization projects, integrating the translation workflow into our Agile process. Their translation deliveries are always on time and project management is very efficient. From the client side, what really stands out is that Venga’s team is very professional and easy to work with. Venga is a great and valuable business partner.”

– Fabien Desmole, Lead Localization Engineer, Mindjet