Video Subtitling:
16 Languages, 4 Hours of Video

The Background


hours of video content

This Silicon Valley technology company was holding their annual developer conference and needed the keynote speaker presentations subtitled into 16 languages. In particular, the 30-minute headliner presentation needed to be translated, edited, and delivered in under 48 hours. The presentations were about the company’s latest technology achievements and developments.

The Challenge



48 hour

deadline for headliner

This called for tech-savvy linguists to complete the translation, but also needed the subtitles to be presented in appealing and digestible language requiring specialists in social content as well. Creating a team with dual subject matter expertise in these two areas required thorough planning.

The Solution


for Subtitling


project management

Step 1: File Preparation. File preparation was done in two stages. The client provided a timecoded transcript for their critical headliner presentation and sent that over just a few hours after the presentation was delivered. For the following 3 ½ hours of video, Venga completed the transcription process from the raw video footage and generated translation-ready subtitles.
Quality Review
Step 2: Translation & Quality Review. With our InView for Subtitling tool, linguists and reviewers can work on a video and see the subtitles appear on it as they type. By working in one single environment and seeing their translations in-context, they can spot and resolve potential issues right away. Translators and reviewers were paired up so one was a subject matter expert in information technology and the other specialized in marketing and social content. We held to a follow-the-sun model for our project management team so our linguists and client were supported 24/7 by staff across time zones.
Project Delivery
Step 3: Delivery. Venga can produce various types of localized subtitles or even hard-code the subtitles into the video itself if requested. In this case, we delivered .srt files to the client directly.

The Result





Due to a well-rehearsed and carefully constructed process, we were able to deliver all 16 languages for the initial headliner presentation within 48 hours – despite it turning out to be longer than originally expected. The full project was completed in under two weeks. The quality of the translation met every requirement from the client and they were extremely happy with how the project went.

What They Say…

“We have received great feedback on the quality for several languages, even from our Language Director…This was a very important project for us and you guys didn’t disappoint.”