Translation Memory

Save time and money by leveraging completed projects during future translations

Translation process

Venga Translation Memory (TM) Advantages:

  • Cuts turnaround times and costs by leveraging previously approved translations
  • Convenient, cloud-based server environment
  • Centralized key terminology databases and TMs
  • 24/7 access to real-time project information updates for all authorized staff
  • Best in class translation management systems ensure consistent use of validated terms from previous translations

Our priority remains the maintaining of top quality and global brand consistency by reusing as much relevant content from previous translations as possible.

Effective and Full Reuse of Previous Translations

The text for every project your company successfully completes will be stored in a TM for reuse next time you need new content. Together with your terminology database, this TM is one of your company’s language assets.

Optimizing the reuse of already translated text (or “TM leveraging”) requires regular updating of your language/translation assets in line with your company’s current style guides. As your language assets grow, tasks such as those below will become increasingly important:

  • Deleting errors and/or out-of-date translations
  • Splitting translation memory that has become too large across distinct product type or organizational area sub-TMs. By keeping training materials separate from legal documents, for example, your company will benefit from accurately translated terminology in both areas
  • Eliminating inconsistencies or slightly different translations of the same phrase

Venga has workflows and tools to successfully manage each step in this process.

Global Brand Recognition

To safeguard your brand when it goes global, the following considerations are built into every project we undertake.

  • Consistent use of terminology, which we continuously monitor in each of our projects
  • Full adherence to your company’s global and local language style guides
  • Compliance with your company’s global brand toolkit and execution mandatories

Venga is ultimately committed to supporting your international expansion by safeguarding the integrity of your brand identity at each step.

Download our service description for more information.

Download our Translation Memory Service Description

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