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Global Market – Local Customers

In recent times we have seen an explosion in the number of brands available in the market, thanks in part to the opening up of global markets and the ability for many companies to go global from day one via the internet. As the cloud enables us to market to a global audience, it makes it even more important to get it right. The market is global but customers are local.

Venga Global Creative Services include all the tools you need to succeed in the global market and to avoid unfortunate language missteps or misunderstanding of cultural norms. Read more about this service in our brochure.

International SEO iconInternational SEO

International SEO is the practice of offering optimized website content, search terms, and keywords in a variety of languages to make your website as visible as possible in local search engines, to the local audiences of your target markets. For any company wanting to go global, international SEO is the easiest way to bring the right traffic and right business to your site. Learn more

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Global Marketing Process Optimization

An efficient and streamlined marketing operations process enables global brands to deliver local communications with the right balance of consistency and local relevance faster, more confidently and with less cost. Learn more

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Global Brand Management

Our Global Creative Services portfolio includes Global Branding Audits, Consultation and the creation of Global Brand Toolkits – all the tools you need to manage your brand internationally. Learn more

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Creative Adaptation & Transcreation

We can work with your internal or external creative teams to creatively and culturally adapt your marketing assets and assist with transcreation whenever needed. Learn more

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Global Campaign Management

Our team of marketing professionals together with local creative talents will help you plan and execute successful campaigns in any country. Learn more

Balanced Marketing Strategy with Global Creative Services

Language and local cultural awareness are important elements in ensuring a consistent brand culture and building a global brand. Intense competition, a need to understand diverse cultures across geographies, and the need to arrive at the right combination of global corporate control yet meeting the need for local relevance are the critical issues that global brand managers need to deal with. You also need to make sure that the strategy you choose has the right balance of control and flexibility.

One important issue during the planning of a global marketing strategy is to determine what is driven globally and what is managed locally. A global strategy should not mean a lack of local involvement, instead, they should work together and create synergy benefits. There is no universal conclusion, but understanding the brand more holistically will ensure better implementation of the brand strategy to suit the local as well as the global needs.

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