Global Brand Management

Global brands need to adopt innovative approaches to ensure their communications are equally relevant in every market. We understand the importance of speaking the consumers’ culture as well as speaking their language. To ensure effective global brand management, we work with your teams to assess existing global content, develop or review global brand guidelines, offer creative and cultural consultations by our in-market network of creatives, as well as offering concept screening for major campaigns.

Brand Communications Audit

We make sure the global content can be optimized culturally and creatively by clearly defining the global creative platform, and ensuring the desired message is conveyed effectively to consumers anywhere in the world. We localize your global brand toolkit and create local executions to facilitate efficient rollout of the brand in each market. Audits can include anything from:

  • Evaluating the cultural impact on your branding, logo, product names, or other important parts of your marketing effort

  • Reviewing all marketing campaigns, landing pages, digital content, and CRM programs by local creative talents that know your brand and the local market to ensure local relevance of your campaigns

  • Adapting your brand name for local markets in line with the global identity

  • Developing localized marketing materials with templates that can handle language expansion/contraction, appropriate font choice, and text formatting

Creative and Cultural Consultation

We assess the effectiveness of the global platform, including brand propositions and creative executions, uncover its core essence, and suggest ways to improve and leverage that idea. We look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the global branding platform. We make sure we explore the full potential of the global idea in every chosen market, providing valuable information on how the global idea should be adapted in each market.

Concept Screening

We focus on the execution of the creative idea. Venga concept screening is a valuable and crucial step in the concept development stage. We help to articulate the big idea and address possible local concerns. We help to identify specific execution and production needs of each local market from both the creative and cultural perspectives so that necessary elements are built in well in advance before developing the idea further.

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Global Brand Management