Global Marketing Process Optimization

An efficient and streamlined marketing operations process enables global brands to deliver local communications with the right balance of consistency and local relevance faster, more confidently, and with less cost. With the demand to achieve maximum return on investment, ever growing media fragmentation and increasing consumer power, good processes are becoming critical to delivering a truly effective global marketing campaign. We perform stakeholder and process audits, streamline the supply chain, and create a global marketing rollout plan for your company.

Increase Value Add

As product lifecycles are becoming ever shorter and the cost of product releases for web and cloud-based products decreases, the need for global marketing support becomes vital for a company’s global success. At the same time, research shows that marketing managers now spend two-thirds of their time at work carrying out routine administrative duties, such as:

  • Obtaining approvals, instead of utilizing automated predefined workflows

  • Updating and compiling data from various sources, instead of using autofeeds

  • Copying information between programs and systems, instead of taking advantage of integration

  • Relying on meetings and emails to share information to internal/external groups, instead of implementing dashboards

Marketing Operations Process Audit

Venga’s global marketing process optimization includes a marketing operations audit of marketing processes and infrastructure that uncovers potential areas for improving efficiency and initiates targeted changes. We are experts at dealing with the complexities of managing communications between central and local teams, across geographic boundaries and languages, and across varied channels and audiences.

Improve the Supply Chain Management Process

From this sound basis, existing processes can be efficiently altered, for example by synchronizing communications, preparing relevant information promptly and removing inefficient interfaces and process faults. The potential savings are huge, and the resulting increase in marketing efficiency creates space for new ideas. The focus is to discover potential areas for improving efficiency and gain more time for marketing departments to focus on value-creating key topics by means of optimized and semi-automated or automated processes.

Training and Launch Program

The key to success is staff engagement in the central marketing team, as well as in the local markets, with each team member fully involved in specifying the solutions. Also essential is the identification and clarification of roles and tasks among internal staff and external marketing supports. We help by:

  • Organizing training in the new operations

  • Managing the launch of the new marketing delivery process

  • Supporting your team to ensure the streamlined process works brilliantly

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