Globalization Consulting

Our globalization consulting approach will support you and your team in your goals to grow your global business. We can help you develop a mature localization approach and implement the right operational and strategic globalization functions for your organization.

Globalization Program Office (GPO)

We consult with our clients on the following:

Globalization strategy:

  • How to make globalization a strategic part of your organization’s growth path
  • How to build a sphere of influence
  • How to manage funding and budgeting for globalization
  • How to demonstrate a return on translation investment costs internally
  • How to evangelize your services

Globalization operations:

  • Build the right GPO team structure
  • Insource vs Outsource
  • Centralized vs decentralized
  • Technology set-up
  • Vendor management and quality models
  • Internationalization requirements

Venga can help you communicate better, invest more strategically, and expand your global stakeholders and customers.

Globalization maturity assessment

We use an internationally recognized assessment theory and practice framework to assess your organization’s globalization plan. We advise and help you achieve your globalization strategic and operational goals.

Enterprise language management

We use advanced CMS and Language Management tools alongside linguists with subject matter expertise to help your business achieve consistent language across your targets, speed up translation, and communicate with higher accuracy.

Global branding and marketing

Global brands need to adopt innovative approaches to ensure their communications are equally relevant in every market. We understand the importance of speaking the consumers’ culture as well as speaking their language. To ensure effective global brand management, we work with your teams to assess existing global content, develop or review global brand guidelines, offer creative and cultural consultations by our in-market network of creatives, and offering concept screening for major campaigns.

Global SEO

Working closely with proven international search specialists and experienced in-market creative copywriters, we analyze audiences by understanding search behaviors and keyword/keyphrase selections. In doing so, we harness keyword research tools from individual countries’ most popular search engines. We subsequently conduct keyword discovery and auditing for each overseas market, exploring all individual variations – from single keywords to ‘long-tail’ keyword sets. After creating appropriate copy based on all of the above learnings, we test multiple versions of ad copy to determine what best motivates targets to click through. Rather than being a ‘one-off’ event, keyword/keyphrase analysis must be viewed as a continually evolving process. Venga’s Global SEO Insight Report will show you the markets your competitors are already succeeding in and what they are doing, where you could improve and how quickly you could achieve ROI on translation costs through organic search results.

Market research

Learn about your consumers’ purchasing patterns and inclinations in target markets. Venga also connects you to the top local partners to produce results.

Policy research

Policies and regulations differ from country to country. Venga will make sure nothing is left out so you can focus on your business.

Software Product Internationalization

On-site i18n Engineering Support:

  • Internationalization (i18n) engineering efforts can spread across millions of lines of code, valuable code that might be tricky to share even with your most trusted partners due to internal policies and IP concerns. Coming to your help, Venga offers on-site consultation and support by our i18n team to help you address and optimize all the multicultural aspects for your targeted locales. Our engineers have experience with different programming languages, frameworks and platforms and can help you adapt your code to be global-ready.

Best (and Documented) Practices:

  • I18n engineering can be a complex and multi-layer ongoing process that extends along your general development routines, sometimes involving different teams that need to share specific knowledge in order to prevent duplicated efforts. Venga can help you convert your i18n and code-refactoring procedures into a well-documented and repeatable protocol by providing you with customized i18n documentation and best practices to ensure your i18n process is easy, efficient and repeatable.