Translation Memory

Venga runs all projects in a cloud-based server environment, using centralized key terminology databases and translation memory (TM). All people working on the project see the same information and it is updated in real time. Venga also utilizes best in class translation management systems to ensure consistent use of validated terms and reuse of previous translations. Maintaining quality and the consistency of your brand globally, as well as achieving the highest reuse of previous translation are our highest priority.

Maximum Leverage from Previous Translation

Every time you complete a translation project, the translated text is stored in a translation memory for reuse next time you want to translate content. Together with your terminology database, these are often referred to as your language assets.

To optimize the reuse of already translated text, or TM leverage as it is called in the localization world, you need to clean and optimize your translation assets and keep them consistent with current company style guides. As your language assets grow, this becomes an important task, such as:

  • Delete errors or old translations that no longer apply
  • If the memory becomes too large you can split it into separate TMs by product groups or organizational area. By keeping all training translations separate from legal translations you will get higher leverage for both areas
  • Inconsistencies or similar translations for the same phrase

Venga has processes and tools to manage all the steps in this process.

Brand Recognition Across the Globe

Several factors help protect your brand when you go global. We have built in the following considerations in all our projects.

  • Consistent use of terminology, which we control in each of our projects
  • Adherence to the global and local language style guides
  • Compliance with global brand toolkit and guidelines

Venga will help you expand internationally while maintaining your brand identity.

Global Style Guides and Terminology Strategy

Together, we will identify key terms, establish client-validated multilingual glossaries, and create client and locale specific style guides. By doing this work before the start of translation and localization projects, you avoid delays when the project is running and ensure clean finished products that are in adherence with company standards. If changes are needed during the project, we have a clearly defined process for requesting these changes. We make sure you are always in control.

Continuous Terminology Maintenance

Once a project is completed, terminology is updated as appropriate. This step guarantees the highest translation quality and consistency for each future translation project, by using validated terms to communicate your brand image to all target locales.

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