Translation Assets

Derive maximum value from top quality translation tools. Don’t miss out on the benefits of being able to access proper translation resources. By fully leveraging your current translation assets, we not only utilize terminological systems that guarantee to optimize correct word choices in your content, we also minimize your costs.


Keen to ensure that your company’s translations’ tone, industry terminologies, and word choices are always right for your company? Venga’s terminology tools take the guesswork out of communicating a consistent brand message.

Translation Memory

With Venga, approved translated text for your company’s every project is stored in a translation memory for reuse on future projects. In addition to ensuring consistency and accuracy, this also saves you time and money.

Glossaries and Style Guides

Simple, unambiguous, and uniform source material is the foundation of smoother translation and localization projects. Comprehensive style guides will further sustain superior stylistic quality  – categorizing everything at word or phrase level – while detailed translation glossaries will optimize consistency across every project you translate. Ultimately, both resources are essential for successful global content.